We focus on your artistic growth. We believe in new worlds. Let us participate in this musical revolution!

Musical Projects Accelerator

Our musical project acceleration services allow us to strengthen communications and marketing, offering a set of services that can complement and optimize your project launch.

Social Media

We understand the importance of your digital structure as an input for optimizing communications with your audience.  To benefit this, we create and articulate strategies, provide ongoing monitoring, define objectives and propose goals that will empower your project and enable us to understand the characteristics of your followers.

Digital Content

Every strategy requires good digital content that will dynamize the messages you want to convey to your audience. To promote this strategy we generate content in different formats: motion graphics, video editing, lyric videos, gifs, illustrations etc. Tell us what you imagine and we can make it a reality!

Music Marketing

We create and implement digital positioning strategies for your project launch and creative processes.

Recording Master Rights Management

Thanks to the knew alternative economies, we have understood that our songs are our patrimony. For this phonogram to undergo appropriate negotiation and commercialization processes in any setting, it requires appropriate Rights management. In other words, every work must be registered so the owner’s rights can be exercised and acheive sustainability.


We manage public broadcast rights for master recordings around the world, in over 37 countries, through our partner The Orchard.


We manage digital distribution for your music in different stores belonging to The Orchard‘s network around the world.


We manage and monetize your YouTube channel.

Saberes Digitales

(Digital Knowledge)

At we believe in education, so we created Saberes Digitales (Digital Knowledge), creative meetings or laboratories where artists organize their processes in production cores, using different roles to understand the importance of digital tools and intellectual property within new creative economies. These economies enable the legitimacy and sustainability of musicians in Colombia and around the world.


3 hours per session. Offered by our Marketing, Content, Intellectual Property and Digital Platform specialists, among others. Offered for groups of 15 people at most.


If you require specific assistance in any area of rights management, digital marketing and content strategy, we can offer our services, applying our meeting to the reality of your creative project.

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