Womex 25 years

Womex (The World Music Expo)
25 years joining the world’s music
¡We congratulate WOMEX for its 25 years working to support and strengthen the world’s music!

«Over the last twenty-five years, the music and the music business has evolved and so has WOMEX. However, one thing that has been constant since our inception is the core intent of celebrating creativity and diversity as a community supporting ground-breaking new talents and honouring the established maestros; lauding tradition and the innovations to tradition; loving the richness of the rooted local, and the rightful celebration of our global voice. From conference presentation to trade-fair conversation, from fragile and intimate listening moments to the body-shaking of the tent-boomers: we are positive, we are ready». (Womex, 2019)

Colombia Country of Music | Womex 2019

Bajo la premisa #ColombiaCountryOfMusic el país participará por octava vez consecutiva en el Mercado de Músicas del Mundo WOMEX.

Estaremos presentes en WOMEX, uno de los mercados culturales más importantes del mundo

WOMEX, la World Music Expo, es la reunión musical más internacional del mundo y la conferencia más grande de la escena musical mundial, con una feria comercial, charlas, películas y un festival de exhibiciones de arte, espacios para conectar con aliados y fortalecer la circulación de cultura.

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