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What is the WOMEX? ≫ The World Music Expo
Womex 25 years gathering the world music scene

We proudly share the Sound Diversity of Colombia. With joy our traditional sound traditions and music travel to the WOMEX (The World Music Expo), after that, It is the most international musical gathering in the world. In addition, It is also the largest conference on the world music scene, with a trade fair, talks, films and an art exhibition festival, spaces to connect with allies and strengthen the circulation of culture.

The time has come to generate more opportunities and publicize the world of the Sound Diversity of Colombia. It is a great moment to unite as a scene, promote art, contribute knowledge, highlight the cultures and talents of each region of the world to bring traditional rhythms, messages of each song to each corner and keep the history of our ancestors. Above all, make this planet a world to share with joy and discover the history of the world through music. Therefore its 25 years of work, Womex manages to strengthen the circulation of musical culture internationally. We congratulate WOMEX for its excellent work in bringing together the musical world.



Colombia Country of Music | Womex 2019

Bajo la premisa #ColombiaCountryOfMusic el país participará por octava vez consecutiva en el Mercado de Músicas del Mundo WOMEX.

Estaremos presentes en WOMEX, uno de los mercados culturales más importantes del mundo

WOMEX, la World Music Expo, es la reunión musical más internacional del mundo y la conferencia más grande de la escena musical mundial, con una feria comercial, charlas, películas y un festival de exhibiciones de arte, espacios para conectar con aliados y fortalecer la circulación de cultura.

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